From the trustee’s annual report 2019

The 2019 annual report for the Areti Trust has now been signed off and is en route to the Charity Commission.

The Trustees included the attached comments in the report. Obviously everything is currently up in the air with Covid-19, but the trustees’ motivation and aims remain unchanged: to fund further mini-adventures and learning opportunities for children and young people who would not otherwise have such chances in their lives.

“Spending time in nature can improve children’s confidence”

The Institute of Education at UCL was recently commissioned by The Wildlife Trusts to research the effect on children of engaging with the natural world outdoors.  The report found that the experience boosted children’s confidence and overall had a very positive impact.

You can read the press release here or download the full UCL report here.

Report from Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom has recently published an interesting study into outdoor learning for 9-11 year-olds.  It is clear about the benefits:

Pupils and teachers noticed improvements in pupils’ engagement with learning, concentration and behaviour, as well as positive impacts on health and wellbeing and teachers’ job satisfaction.

but also acknowledges the barriers to its wider implementation.